Taking Stock of Carbon Footprints: A Visual Journey

June 28th, 2013

by Ram Ganeshan

President Obama, on June 25th, laying out America’s climate policy for the future said:

“So the question now is whether we will have the courage to act before it’s too late. And how we answer will have a profound impact on the world that we leave behind not just to you, but to your children and to your grandchildren. As a President, as a father, and as an American, I’m here to say we need to act.”

This post is about taking stock of carbon footprint of things big and small – countries, cities, industrial sectors, firms, products, and supply chains. Through an interactive visual, you can get a sense of carbon footprints of things big or small.


A Day in the Life: JantaKhoj’s Tarun Bangari

January 8th, 2012

by Ram Ganeshan

Tarun Bangari is Founder & CEO, JantaKhoj InfoServices Pvt Ltd.  JantaKhoj (translates to “people search” in Hindi) provides the first and the largest people search portal in India, offering people search and background check services to businesses and individuals.

He talks about how JantaKhoj got started, challenges he faces, and his typical workday.

In Conversation: Human Genome Sciences’ H. Thomas Watkins

May 14th, 2011

by Ram Ganeshan

H. Thomas Watkins is the CEO of Human Genome Sciences Inc. HGS exists to place new therapies into the hands of those battling serious disease. On March 9, 2011, the FDA approved BENLYSTA, a specialized drug to treat Lupus.

He talks about leadership and operational challenges of becoming a fully commercial biopharmaceutical company.

Read and Enjoy!

Does Filling up a Plane make the Airline Money?

January 18th, 2011

by Ram Ganeshan

I recently flew Southwest from Baltimore to LaGuardia to meet up with a few friends in Queens, NY (the little less than the $100 for a one-way fare was cheaper, and the 40-minute flight faster than the Acela). The flight was barely half full. I was convinced Southwest was losing money on this flight especially with the cabin seemingly full of tourists likely paying “web only” $100 fares like myself. Really? What my research uncovered surprised me.

How much does it cost the world’s major airlines to fly a passenger a mile? How much money do they make from that passenger? How full are their planes? Read on…


Operations Buzz is a resource that explores what it takes to run smart and sustainable business operations. Thought leaders, articles, and visuals add to the knowledge base. Professor Ram Ganeshan of the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary edits this site.

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